How to Avoid Ecigs Trial Scams

Better health is the most talked about topic on the web and therefore there are many health centric sites that offer some of the best offers that can allow consumers to buy the best health related products and also to get some discounts and offers that can allow them to get the right deals. If you are internet savvy you will definitely come across various such sites where you can get best deals for cigars and e-cigarettes. However, not all trial options and offers are genuine and therefore you need to know well how to avoid such e-cigs trial scams in the future.

how to avoid ecigs trial scams

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Finding Discount Coupons for Ecigs

If you are trying something for the first time you definitely do not want to pay a high price for it because you are not really sure if you will like it or not. Ecigs are not too new to the global market but there are still millions of people that have not tried it and with lot of buzz already happening on the internet there are many that would like to try it out and make sure that they spend average amount of money buying these ecigs that they can find online. A better way to do that is to look out for the top brands like Blu Cigs and then look out for the discount coupons that are available on most sites.

finding discount coupons for ecigs

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Save Money on Shipping with Blu Cigs

Buyers today are very selective about the products that they buy and therefore they always look out for better discount options and offers that can allow them to save more money. Blu cigs have definitely gained the market share and more and more users are interested in trying this electronic cigarette brand that has received positive reviews from the top industry experts. The new pack is definitely well researched and well made according to the need of smokers. Some believe that the new pack looks very good and stylish and offers on the go charging abilities which is the best way to use blu cigs on the move.

save money free shipping blu cigs

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How to Get the Best Deal on Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges

An example of a Blu refill cartridge available for purchase.Getting the best deals on Blu Cigs refill cartridges is as easy as ordering through the bluCigs website. By simply setting up an account, online customers earn 25 points. Points are also awarded based on subsequent purchases of five pack refill packages, varying from 50 points for one pack, 100 points for two packs, 150 points for three packs, and 200 points for purchasing for refill packs. Points earned can be applied to future purchases, thereby resulting in a discounted price. Continue reading …

Why You Should Always Use a Coupon Code When Ordering Blu Cig Refills

When it comes to buying Blu Cig products, there’s no reason to pay full price. Use online coupons, and save some serious money on your purchase. If you’re hanging back from using coupon codes because you think they are a hassle, then think again. A quick web search can net you codes that can save you a surprising amount.

Even better, you can apply coupons to each purchase you make. Once you have a code, just enter it into the appropriate space on the checkout page. The savings really start to add up. Buying Blu Cigs online tastes even sweeter when there’s a juicy coupon code attached.

Find out why coupon codes are so important when ordering refill cartridges.

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How to Refill Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges

Figuring out How to Refill Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges was easy and a welcome breeze compared to some of the cartomizers, often prone to leaking. The cost of wasted electronic cigarette refill liquid can defeat any economical benefits of using a refillable unit instead of purchasing pre-filled cartridges. The streamlined and simple design makes this easily changed on-the-go or in a hurry.

The threaded refill cartridges also come individually sealed which makes them transportable; the packaging is slightly smaller than the size of a pack of cigarettes which makes it easy to subtly tuck refill cartridges away until needed. Many vaping vendors offer the five cartridge unit for whatever reason, and the savings is alluring to those who “vape”. Snap ‘em open, and twist them on a charged battery- that’s it. What could be simpler or cleaner?

Video: How to Refill your Blu Cartridges

Another thing to appreciate about Blu Cigs is the fact that there is refill liquid available for those that may want to fill a tank or cartomizer of some kind. The challenge may lie with finding the perfect vessel guaranteed not to leak. For those that don’t want to bother with refilling at all, the disposable electronic cigarette options are fairly impressive. Surprisingly, these items are gaining counter space in convenience stores and specialty shops everywhere. There are so many variations and brands that it may be overwhelming. Blu Cig have their own line of disposable Blu Cigs that appears quite promising.

How to Calculate My Blu Cigs Rewards Points

Calculating Blu Cigs Rewards Points is easy, and earning them is even easier. Points are awarded based on purchases, website activity, and community participation.

A quick view of the Blu Cigs rewards program.For each starter kit a customer purchases, 350 points are awarded. It’s important to understand the rewards system before you purchase. Customers can continue to earn points with every five pack of refill cartridges they purchase. Buying one Blu refill pack of five earns 50 points. Purchasing two packs earns 100 points. Buying three five packs earns 150 points, and 200 points are awarded for the purchase of four packs of five. Whenever a customer buys accessories such as a wall charger, battery, new pack, or USB charger, 50 points are awarded for each accessory. Continue reading …

How Electronic Cigarette Refills can Save You Money

There are many reasons to quit or cut back on smoking. Cigarettes are bad for your health, not to mention the environment, and the inevitable rising cost makes the habit difficult to justify when a pack cost more than a gallon of gas. Electronic cigarettes, a new product to replace traditional cigarettes, can help save you money while decreasing your addiction on nicotine. Continue reading …

Check out the Vanilla Flavored Blu Refill

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a popular accessory these days, and blu Cigs are known as one of the best products on the market. Consumers can choose from blu original, blu premium, blu premium 100 and blu disposable. The blu Cigs are of high quality and use optimum control standards and have industry-exclusive packs. The pack charges batteries, and the flavor cartridges can be carried along in a plastic case that is similar in size to a pack of cigarettes. Continue reading …