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How to Get the Best Deal on Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges

An example of a Blu refill cartridge available for purchase.Getting the best deals on Blu Cigs refill cartridges is as easy as ordering through the bluCigs website. By simply setting up an account, online customers earn 25 points. Points are also awarded based on subsequent purchases of five pack refill packages, varying from 50 points for one pack, 100 points for two packs, 150 points for three packs, and 200 points for purchasing for refill packs. Points earned can be applied to future purchases, thereby resulting in a discounted price.

BluCig refill coupons can also be found on third party e-cigarette sites. Web users can search sites like esafecigarette.org, which offers discounts on e-cigarette products. For example, this site lets users visit the site and obtain a discount code for specials such as free shipping for orders over $100. Cocktailnerd.com, an independent e-cigarette review site also features verified coupon codes for bluCig purchases. Cocktail Nerd visitors should check regularly for updated savings links. Discounts on bluCig refills may also be found at general retail discount sites such as retailmenot.com and coupondiscount.com. These sites feature discount codes for a variety of products, but also list savings and promotions on bluCig products. Facebook users may also find bluCig discounts on dedicated Facebook pages that list promotion codes for refill cartridges.

In addition to registering for an account and ordering through the bluCig website itself, there is an array of websites of different types that offer discount codes that can be used toward the purchase of bluCig refill cartridges. Savvy consumers may find the savings that are out there simply by using their search engine of choice to conduct a general search.

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