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How to Refill Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges

Figuring out How to Refill Blu Cigs Refill Cartridges was easy and a welcome breeze compared to some of the cartomizers, often prone to leaking. The cost of wasted electronic cigarette refill liquid can defeat any economical benefits of using a refillable unit instead of purchasing pre-filled cartridges. The streamlined and simple design makes this easily changed on-the-go or in a hurry.

The threaded refill cartridges also come individually sealed which makes them transportable; the packaging is slightly smaller than the size of a pack of cigarettes which makes it easy to subtly tuck refill cartridges away until needed. Many vaping vendors offer the five cartridge unit for whatever reason, and the savings is alluring to those who “vape”. Snap ‘em open, and twist them on a charged battery- that’s it. What could be simpler or cleaner?

Video: How to Refill your Blu Cartridges

Another thing to appreciate about Blu Cigs is the fact that there is refill liquid available for those that may want to fill a tank or cartomizer of some kind. The challenge may lie with finding the perfect vessel guaranteed not to leak. For those that don’t want to bother with refilling at all, the disposable electronic cigarette options are fairly impressive. Surprisingly, these items are gaining counter space in convenience stores and specialty shops everywhere. There are so many variations and brands that it may be overwhelming. Blu Cig have their own line of disposable Blu Cigs that appears quite promising.

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